Saturday, January 03, 2009


Today I cried.
I felt blue, so I decided to go out. Try to clear my thoughts a bit. Just to relax and find the hope everyone is talking about, including myself. There is this basketball court in out neighborhood that has a great view to the sky and the stars and the moon. I go there when I need some time to think. I went there today. It got dark outside, and the cold started to set. At night it gets down to minus degrees outside. I put on some warm clothes and got to the court. When I got there I lied down in the middle of court that was covered with snow. No clouds tonight. There it was, shining as always. I had a front row ticket to the sky show. Stars sparkling like glitter and the moon brightening the stage. I can't describe what I saw today, it's too beautiful for words to describe, it can only be seen.

Just lying there made me realize that God may have a bigger plan for me than my own for myself. It's almost like you were sent to me because I was all alone, to help me through life. You're my angel. I think God wants me to be happy. When the cold winter wind hit my face tonight it made me cry. I felt wonder, joy, beauty and love. Something of everything. I did not cry because I was sad, I cried because what I saw tonight and felt lying there was something beyond beauty as we know. The sky, the moon, the stars, the wind, the cold, the snow, the silence. The beat of my heart which calls your name.
So today I cried yes, but it was tears of joy and happiness, it was the hope that I found.


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