Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's friday the 13th. The day for accidents to happen. Weird though, that they have dedicated a whole day, 24 hours, to bad luck. I mean we don't have a good luck day, do we? I can't remember a date or a day, were we wake up and know that today is going to be all about charm and good luck. Funny. Did you run into any bad luck today? Forgot your keys in your apartment and got locked out? Were late for school or work because of a huge traffic accident down town? Did your car broke down? Were you hit by a car? Did you broke a nail? Did you live something so bad that you for sure could say it happened only because it was friday the 13th?
When I woke up to get ready for school I broke a mirror. Yes, it just slipped right out of my hands and shred into pieces. I won at least seven years of bad luck, if you actually believe in that stuff. I'm not sure if I'm a believer or not, let's just wait and see how the seven years ahead of me is going to be like, I'll keep you updated.

Anyhow, I hope you're all in once piece. Well technically you are since you're able to read my blog, at least you're not stuck in a hospital or dead. I'm glad you're okay. Friday the 13th is over for now, just make sure to be prepared next time it comes around and watch out for any sharp objects..


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