Saturday, March 28, 2009


Do you see a woman with a blue beanie? Is there a man with glasses that just got out of work? The chinese lady with a red jacket, is she still texting messages on her phone? Are you all alone? Is your iPod playing your favorite song? Does your mood change when the songs on your playlist change?

Do you see the eyes on you, checking you out. What is she doing? What is she wearing? Did it suddenly get very crowded? How much more do you have to wait? The crowd is moving now, what's going on? She reads a book and he reads a magazine. The chinese lady is still here, but now her phone is in her flower patterned backpack. A man with a black leather brief case is sitting next to you. Everybody seems to wear a scarf. That guy is very tall, maybe over two meters? The el guitars are warm inside their hard cases, so the rocker dudes don't have to worry about the cold messing up the tuning. 

The man sitting next to me is gone now. She is wearing a blue vest and has a green flag on her left hand. Some people come and others go. Soon I will be gone too.