Monday, April 13, 2009

21 Thoughts

My favorite color is green. I don't wear much make up. I kinda hate winter time in Norway, cause it's so cold, but I like watching the snow fall down on the trees from my bedroom window though. I make a lot of weird faces. Will I age gracefully? I love to play my baby brothers video games. Wonder if I'll ever get bored of writing in my blog. Soon I'll turn 21, that's crazy! As a child my father used to buy me Donald Duck & Co. cartoons every week before school. What can I accomplish in 2009? My cell phone is held together with duck tape, it's literally falling apart. I wonder if I can ever make everybody happy. I miss a certain someone in my life so much right now that I could cry. Sometimes sounds around me amuses me, don't know why. I've used the same brown leather bag from my freshman year at high school, and now I'm in college.  I love to go back and look at photos from when I was younger, people change so much. Where will I be in ten years from now? Ok, forget ten let's make that five years. Two more years and then I'm done school, FOREVER! I got a silver angel necklace that I've never taken off, there is something symbolic about it. 
.. do people actually care? 


  1. I read it. And I liked it!


  2. I do read your blog, try to write more often :)