Monday, April 27, 2009

9:41 am

A man is sitting two rows in front of me with his child. They play together, and I can see how thankful he is to God for giving him a beautiful baby boy, and the child loves his father. A wonderful relationship between father and son, and I sit and wonder why I never got the chance to live that with my own father.
The old lady beside me is reading a book, I'm guessing it's about Norway considering the cover of the book being the norwegian flag and all. Looks like an interesting book. She is all caught up in it and barely takes her eyes up. That's cool, right?
Lets not forget about the girl in the corner by the window. To avoid eye contact she is staring out, even though she probably memorized the view because she takes the train every morning at the same time to the same place, she still wont stop looking out of the window. Many people do that though, get lost in their own world while avoiding contact with others on public transportation. I do it too.

It has taken me three minutes to settle down, open my computer and write this. Then it happens, across the wagon, far far away from me, a guy, probably around my age, with a mysterious look, staring right in my eyes. I think he knows that I'm analyzing and writing down everything that is going on. Kinda scares me. It's the first time ever that someone is looking at me and actually see me. Weird.

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  1. i like how you conveyed the setting to the reader.