Friday, April 17, 2009

Bored Of Me

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to be someone else for a change? Well, I have. Lately I have been thinking about this a lot. I am me, but I've been wondering what my life would be like if I could turn back time and make different choices. And then once I'd made the different choices, how things would've turned out for me. I think of all the things that could have happened. Would I be one of the popular kids at school? Would I wear really dark make up and listen to heavy music? Would I instead of going to school actually work just to get a lot of money, so that I could party every weekend and shop very expensive clothing? I don't know.

What would I be like if I was more angry and mean to people? How would my personality been if I became one of the cool girls? What if I'd never decided to learn music and notes, could that change who I am today? Or what if I dropped out of school, would I still have the same urge to write as I do now? I have no idea what it would be like if I were more concerned about my looks, popularity and making many friends. There are times were I just want to go back and don't care so much. Don't care about being mobbed for silly reasons, don't care about the high pressure, don't care about getting old or fat or ugly. I just wonder what it would be like to NOT care about things, and do whatever I want. All these thoughts are very tempting, but a lot of the things I've wrote also require big sacrifices. I can't go back in life, life happens. Once you choose something, a lot of times you can't go back, you can't redo it. You are you. I am me, and in the end I am happy with who I am today, but I do get bored of just being me.

I don't know, sometimes I wish I would try stuff and be someone else.. don't you?

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  1. I think everybody thinks about the same things at least once in their lifetime ... I do it at least once a month :) It is a good thing for me ... That gives me a chance to analyze my choises under different settings ...