Monday, April 27, 2009

I Write

I write. I write about everything and everyone in my life. I write about my secrets and facts. I write about how I can’t get up in the morning because the thought of living one more day sometimes scares the crap out of me. I write about my family that might be the most confusing part of my life right now. I write about school and the fear of not being able to graduate and be stuck in school, although I’ve got nothing against school what so ever, I always imagine that it will hopefully end someday. I write about everyday problems like every other blogger out there. I write about love and my love. I write about the feeling you get when you accomplish something you knew nobody though you would. I write about silly things too. I write about the peace within my soul when I hear music. I write about my deepest thoughts. I write about being a girl that feels so alone and lost that she wishes to be found for her birthday. I write about a lot of things, hope you don’t mind me sharing it.


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