Wednesday, April 01, 2009


To me, friendship seems like the most important thing in life. But sometimes I get a little skeptical towards my own friends. Friendship is a relationship between two people, it's a passion and it's a hostility. The word it self can have so many meanings. We're all different with our own thoughts and opinions about this subject. No human being is able to be alone. We can't just shut ourselves inside our room for the rest of our lives, leaving everyone and everything outside, and just try to survive. Easier said, we need a friend! A friend you can trust on. A friend you can talk to about everything for several hours on the phone, without worrying that he/she is going to hang up, because he/she thinks you're boring and talk to much. A friend you know respects you and will be by your side no matter what. A friend who wont turn his/hers back on you when you need him/her the most. Friendship is mutual. We give and we get, this is how our friendship grows and become stronger. You are loyal towards your friends.
I don't want to preach about something you already know, I want to add something personal. Because lately this whole responsibility that comes with a friendship, has made me question my friend. I've been disappointed. My friend also managed to hurt me without knowing it. I haven't told the person about this, and I'm pretty sure I wont either. I'm not sure if my friend would handle my honesty and the fact that I'm letting he/she know about the problem. My question is, is it right to doubt your own friend? My friend does not believe in me. It's not fun. For some strange reason I keep being his/hers friend. I'm not strong enough to end our friendship. Maybe I am just like my friend says I am, weak. Maybe I don't got the strength in me to finish something I've started. Maybe?


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