Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Silver Angel

Once upon a time, up north there was this girl. She had long brown hair and hazel eyes. People around her did not notice her that much, and there were times when she felt really alone. Although she loved her friends and family she found it difficult to open up to them. Sharing feelings and deep thoughts was something she used to share with objects like the moon and the stars, rather than people. Cause she knew objects wouldn't hurt her, they wouldn't leave unless she wanted them to.
She got a silver angel necklace one day and have been using it ever since. Now she is protected at all times. The cruelty can no longer make her feel sad. Somehow she finds peace more often now, she feels strong enough to stand against everything and everyone standing in her way, trying to stop her from pursuing her dreams. God's angels speak directly to our hearts when we sleep, so now she pays more attention to her dreams. With her angel of her own close to her heart, she is safe. She is not afraid to face the world nor is she scared to know what other people think of her. Whenever she can, she is an angel for someone else, this way she thanks God for the help her angel has given her. Because now she is free.


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