Monday, May 04, 2009

Burn Marks & Paper Cuts

Sometimes I forget that I'm only human. Like every other human I am made of flesh and bones. My skin is not any stronger nor more protected from yours. Maybe I should try to be more careful in the future.

She ask for a waffle and a Mocca to go. I smile and ask if she wants any jelly on the waffle. No, she answers. I pick up a waffle, rush to get a paper bag to put it in. All the sudden I feel this acing pain in my right hand. I try to ignore it, and move on to the coffee machine. Pick up a paper cup, pour the expresso, steam the milk, add some chocolate and mix it together before I top it with a little foam. She gave me the money, I gave back her changes and she left. I looked down and found bloodstains in my uniform. Weird I thought. I looked at my hands and was shocked. My right hand was bleeding from what I think was a paper cut and my left hand was burned because of the coffee spills. I ran to the bathroom and did a wound treatment, came back and took the next costumer.


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