Friday, May 01, 2009


When you sit on a public transportation like the train or the bus, do you ever watch people get on?
Today on the train, like every other day, I made some cool stories in my mind about everybody. Thats how I amuse myself. I think it's cool. Never mind. You see when you're about to go on a public transportation, the door is either a little ahead of you or behind you. The chances of the train/bus/subway to stop, so that the doors end up right in front of you, is relatively low.
Picture this scene in your head. You wait for the train, you see the train approach to the track, it slows down, stops, you can either walk two meters more and go on the train from the front door ahead of you, or you can walk two meters back and do the same from the second door behind you.
I'm just curios, do you move forward or backwards?


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