Monday, June 22, 2009

Did you know that..

.. I was 60 kg when I went to fifth grade, my weight suddenly raised, odd.
.. my favorite subject in school was nature science, music and arts and crafts.
.. I once called myself nike girl, back in the days. Because I was addicted to the brand Nike and the only clothes I ever owned was Nike, all original of course, you gotta go to Nike Store you know. Keepin it real homie!
.. when we moved to my current neighbourhood, the kids at school were afraid of me, because they've had heard rumors about me being a werewolf. Once during a full moon some of them saw me and they took cover in the bushes. Weirdoos.
.. I never cry out loud and in front of people. Although I happen to cry very easy if I'm in trouble, no matter what my age is. Always been like that.
.. alcohol disgusts me. Thanks dad.
.. I've never smoked and never been tempted to smoke.
.. I enjoy the company of a few people, rather than a billion.
.. talking about myself and my feelings with other people is very difficult.
.. I would have done a lot more stuff in life if only I dared taking the risk.
.. I don't trust many, maybe one or two people.
.. I'm a romantic person. I love doing romantic stuff and watch my Love's face light up.
.. as a child I could only swim underneath the surface.
.. my current boyfriend is the only boyfriends I've ever had. My first.
.. sometimes my eye color in my right eye changes, I think thats creepy.
.. I'm the oldest child, but I've dreamt my whole life about how it would be to have an older brother or sister.
.. my bed make sounds every time I turn or toss myself while trying to sleep, this keeps me awake for another hours. Ironic.
.. Mac made me forget all about Windows, even though I've used Windows my whole life. Mac rule!
.. I work part time at a bakery while studying.
.. I forget good stuff all the time, but never seem to get bad stuff out of my head. Why so?
.. it's hard to keep my eyes up, I'm sleepy right now.
.. life has been tuff on me but yet I've never turned my back on it.

Live Love Life.

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