Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Make a Woman Cry

It's not difficult to make a woman cry. Woman cry because of everything, they cry when they watch a love movie, they cry listening to a sad song and when they read something really touching. They cry just as much as men.
Then again, it's difficult to make a woman cry from the bottom of her heart though. When a woman cry from her heart, that means that the person who made her cry in the first place has managed to reach very deep, deep into her heart. It's now when the woman feels a big lump in her throat. This lump hurts her, she can't swallow nor breathe. Her eyes is blurry. "I won't cry", she tells herself. But she can't hold it. Because someone has reached her heart, and keeps hurting it over and over again. How can she ignore it? She can't hold her tears, first a couple of teardrops, then a river of tears. The woman cries, she cries a lot. The woman does not cry for the person who left her, she cries because of the wound they left. Knowing that the wound will never heal, even if it does heal, leaving a scar in her heart is the reason for her crying. Did you know that crying makes a woman stronger? Every tear, makes a woman more like a woman. Because each tear is a lesson. If a woman does not cry she'll die. The poison within them will slowly take their lives. A woman knows that, and thats why they cry, they cry to let go of the toxic poison, they cry to be able to live again. A woman that cries a lot is also a woman that is getting further and further away from the phenomenon called love. And as they feel love fading away, they learn that the only person they can truly trust is themselves. Now they learn to love themselves more. They grow. The several times of disappointment from love back in the days, the endless nights of crying becomes a reason for women to build a brick wall around their hearts. This way their protected from getting hurt again. They only embrace themselves because they know no other person is more real than themselves. They know that the people they used to love and embrace never deserved them to begin with, none of them!
So why should they go through that again?


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