Friday, June 05, 2009


Maybe I made a terrible mistake today? I'm not sure, but I tried to speak out and be honest to someone about my feelings. You see, lately I've been feeling very sad because of our friendship ended, and since I have no idea what is was that caused such a drastic decision, I decided to confront the person. Although I'm not expecting any type of answer, I wrote a letter and put it in the persons' mailbox.
It was so cool, me and another friend did some sort of a mission out of it, try not to get caught and stuff. That part was actually really fun, but now I'm just really having a lot of thoughts about the whole "lets-write-a-letter" case. Just hope I didn't made a big fool out of myself, and hope that the person reading the letter I wrote today is mature enough to appreciate it. This was something I had to do to get it our of my chest, and now I'm actually very relived. Suddenly this person doesn't pop in my mind anymore, and as if it's OK that this person completely ignores me. I'm cool now. Who said writing letters was old school and lame? I actually enjoyed writing it, just imagine a letter in your mailbox, how cool isn't that. I know I would like to read something someone thinks about in a letter anytime.
Feel free and write a letter anytime, I'm sure the person getting it will be surprised, but in a good way of course.


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