Friday, June 19, 2009

Rather Leave You

You say that you want to die, because the things you wanted did not work out. But you don't even try. Although you sometimes pretend you do, you never actually do it. You find a easy way out. Don't pretend like everything is fine and stop feeling bad for yourself. Recently a person who I looked up to and loved being friends with ended our friendship, and that reminded me of something I had forgotten. When something does not work, then you shouldn't push it and try to make it work. Believe it or not, but sometimes you got to let it go. So we did. I did. I let go of my friend. When I look back at the times we shared I just smile. I smile because that's how I wanna remember our time together. The insults she threw at me while ending our six years long friendship doesn't matter anymore. When I think about her, I just smile and go on with life. The sad part is that when she thinks about me, she thinks of a fake friend, since that was one of her arguments for ending our friendship. It's not cool. To find out that the person you've considered as your best friend ever thinks of you as a bad friend hurts a lot, but like I said, I just smile.

"I'll never be like you. I rather leave you alone. It's clear now, you're not being nice."


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