Friday, August 28, 2009

Just Mine, My Life.

I try to put myself in your shoes. Auch, that hurts. You see, your shoe don't fit me. Could that be a sign? I think YES. Life is not fair, neither is my foot that wont fit your shoe. That means my shoes wont fit your feet either right?
Ok, so now that we cleared that one out, lets talk about our lives. My life is simple, at least from my point of view. Your life is yours. We live in two different worlds and always have and always will. Why can't you get it in your head that we're not the same person. People, objects and stuff that is going on in my life is for me to keep. It's supposed to be just mine, my life. You cannot include yourself in it if I don't let you. Before entering my life and being a part of it, you need to show me that you mean only well and no harm to me or anybody else in my life. Unless your unable to do that, to prove that you can be normal for a change, I will not let you in my life. Accept it. I live a wonderful life and I like for it to stay this way if you don't mind. So please leave me alone, and try to concentrate on your own life. Again, I'm not trying to be mean or anything, just reasonable. I wont let a sick person in my life, I wont let anyone hurt me or the people I love. I wont let you, I just wont.

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