Friday, September 25, 2009

My Flower

Every now and then we need inspiration. In order to know that this life isn't so bad after all and in order to proceed without feeling sad. My inspiration is a flower. The flower I walk by everyday on my way to school or work. The first time I saw it, although I was in a hurry not to miss my train, I stopped. I looked at it for about fifty-eight seconds, bend down to smell it and touched it. So beautiful. I wanted it to be mine and just mine, but before pulling it from it's roots I felt sad inside me. Pulling this beautiful flower from it's roots would make it mine, but just for a couple of hours if I'm lucky. It would then slowly fade in the color and eventually die a slow death. The once soft and beautiful flower would turn into a hard stick look alike thing, that would break very easily.
Did I really want to do that? Kill this beautiful thing? Did I really want to act so selfish and spoiled, and think that everything pretty could be mine if I wanted? Did I want to pull it from the dirt were it was so attached to, just so that it could be with me forever?
My hand pulled itself back, I stood up, smiled and walked away. This flower is my inspiration. Still standing there and puts a smile on my face every morning, reminding me of all the beautiful thing in the world. Reminding me not to be selfish. You see, somethings in life will always be there with you. You do not have to take it to make it yours, sometimes you "own" things in life without owning it, if thats even understandable?


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