Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rest in Peace

The youngest look like his mother, the middle one is a mix of her father and mother but what about the oldest one?
"She looks just like her grand mother." One lady said. All the sudden everyone in the room was looking at this one very confused girl. "Yes, yes you are right." Said the other lady while she was poking the lady sitting next to her and pointing towards the girl. The girl just stood there, slightly shy, looking at her orange polka dotted socks with both hands in her pocket. All she could think about was to get out as soon as possible. Being analyzed and checked by a group of old ladies bothered her.

Years later, her grandmother that she looked so much alike passed away. Her grandmother was the prettiest old lady she'd ever known. As a child she used to stay at her little white house on holidays and play in her garden. Every time the girl and her family came to visit her, she would be so thrilled that she did everything to keep them happy. This lady was the most loving and giving lady in the whole wide world. Regular trips to the little marked in the corner with her grandmother, playing along in her backyard, braiding her grandmothers long gray hair was all memorable moments in this girls childhood.
Today is a very sad day. Her grandmother is no longer alive. The girl cried today, but she did not cry because of anger, she cried because she knew that they would no longer meet, she cried because she knew that she would miss her a lot. So she went out at night, looked up at the sky full of stars and said:

"I am sorry for not being there with you, I am sorry because I could not find spare time to call you nor show you how much you actually ment to me. I am sorry for a lot of things grandma, and I hope you forgive me. May you rest in peace. One day we'll meet again, and that one day I'll look into your beautiful hazel eyes and say I love you, that day I'll give you the biggest hug you've ever gotten. I promise you that I'll be there one day, and I'll promise you that I'll see you again grandma. I love you so much and I miss you."
Then the girl cried some more.


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