Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gratitude or Rude?

I get confused when I help someone. It should not be that hard to say thank you, but when the people I try to help and guide don't use those words, I feel like I need to do more. Just trying to be nice you know, just trying to make it easier for them to be able to do what they want to do. If not thank you, you could at least show that you're happy to be getting help by smiling or nodding or something. Anything to let me know that what I did was OK and that you're cool with it.
People sometimes forget the importance of showing their gratitude to others. Imagine yourself in a situation where you really helped someone from heart, not with any gain thoughts in it, just helped them to make it easier and the person you helped just did not care. How would that make you feel? I for sure would have felt like an idiot. Idiot for even caring for their problems, idiot for thinking that I was an OK person. Like the ostrich, I would bury my head into the sand to avoid embarrassment. All in all, I would feel stupid.

Use the words 'Thank you' more often. If you count it up, it'll only take two seconds to say it, one second each word. I bet someone helping you at least deserved two second of your time. Be kind.


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