Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Working

Only you controll your emotions. If you really want to, then you can feel just the way you want everytime. Lately I've been feeling really down. I found out that there were certain people were I work who did not like me being profesional at work. Now, I do not know why you shouldn't be that, after all you're working. I can't be doing anything else than work at work. So their words really struck me. I even considered to switch workplace.
Then something happened. Why should they make me feel bad? I can face them, I'm not afraid nor do I care about what others think of me anymore. My closest know me and love me, I don't need more. I am happy, I feel good and I'm working. No need to say no more. They are all faded now. They can play the part they wanna play, I'm not apart of their game. Their act only effects an audience.

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