Monday, November 09, 2009

Self Respect

Use your mind. Do not get to attached to anyone. Never build a new relationship upon an unfinished one, if you do, you'll be the one who suffers from it. Believe that others could also be right. Do not talk to those who don't talk to you, if they've erased you from their lives then you do it to. If you don't trust them, don't be with them. When you discover someone lying to you, don't fool yourself into believing they can change. Appreciate others, delete those who don't deserves you. Don't ever beg anyone about anything. Don't ever look back. Learn to keep a secret. Your friends are more important than any boyfriend/girlfriend, don't neglect them. When not getting the love you deserve, don't be sad, you are not the problem. Rumors will always be rumors. Be strong. Make sure to see the difference between those who is loving you and those who are using you. Run away from people who spend most of their time bragging about themselves.
Don't ever do anything that will make you loose your self respect. If you got a problem, and people around you are taking their time to listen, then be open to their help. Know the value of your tears, please do not use them on someone who isn't worth it.


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