Monday, November 09, 2009

Stand Up

Can you hear me? I'm calling to you, to remind you about something important. Open your eyes, look around, this world is falling apart, can't you see? Mothers dying, babies crying, tell me when is this madness going to stop? Nature, animals and peace are gone, we are left on this planet all alone.
Somebody got to do something now, before it's to late. That somebody is me, it is you, even your worst enemy. Nothing matters anymore, because if we don't do it, then there is nothing no more.
Stand up and do it, do what you feel like, don't let them stop you. Stand up and scream, scream your heart out, make them hear you. Just stand up, stand up, smile and make a change. Stand up, nothings never to late, make a difference. You'll be OK.
Do you feel it? The power and the strength, you get from yourself? Nothing scares you, nothing can hurt you, nothing is wrong, you'll be alright. People are mean, time goes by fast, and everything moves against you. But you're not afraid, you're strong, even if you're ment to face your fears all alone.


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