Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2009

Ok, so when I first started to blog, I said I was only going to do it for a year. In a couple of hours, this blog will probably be frozen. Although, I might post my video blogs on this site, just to keep it simple. I've got no idea.
My 2009.

My year started off. My Love left one month before, so we did not spent new years eve together. But little did I know that I was going to get another dear friend this year. In Norway the weather was freaking cold outside, but at night the sky was always clear, so I spent most of my time outside at nights, looking up at the sky. Thinking, dreaming and loving the view. I bought a Canon Camera, took pictures. At school I started a new semester. I met Love once this month, when I traveled. Things started to change and I could feel it. Scared me, but in a good way though.

This month I felt alone. I started to spend a lot of time by my self, explored me, got to know me. At valentines day I couldn't be with Love, and that hurt. My first valentines day spend all alone. Kinda sad. Anyway, not gonna get all emo on you. I did have some good times to. Luckily I did got hit by a car or something on friday the 13th.

Not a lot happened. I started selling knitted objects, but it ended very soon. Was fun. Missed Love. School had really begun now, and classes was harder than I thought it would be. Spent most of my free time playing guitar and learning to play the piano.

My birthday month. Need I say more? Just kidding, of course I need to say more. Not only did I get born this month the 26th of April 1988, but I turned 21. So I dreamt of traveling to Las Vegas and play blackjack all the time, but that only happens in movies.

Interesting month. Think I had too many thoughts. Family problems, school issues, missing love, workaholic, spring is coming, exams start, blog edit, passing out. Haha. Just go through my blogs this month and you'll get the picture. I'm a maniac.

Well, my exams finished. Finally. I did something I regret now. Wrote a letter to a person I thought I wanted to have as a friend, but I was so wrong. Stupid me. As if that wasn't enough, I also lost my best friend through six years this month. Actually, I knew in a way that we was to far apart from each other mentally to ever hold on. But on top of that she accused me for being a lousy friend.Summer holidays, woho! I went through a life-refresh-stage.

Spend this entire month with Love. Ah, I miss it. Went to a warmer place, the beach, camping together, spending time with both families, love is in the air. Just a great summer vacation. Loved it.

Drama drama drama. I came back, started at a new and fresh semester at school. Last semester went superb. After the summer, lot of stuff had changed. Still in love though. The drama was actually caused by someone creepy. I got creeped out and even considered closing my blog. But I didn't, and now I'm gonna. Weird stuff. Oh, and also, I got myself a green screen.

R.I.P. grandma. The world lost one of it pearls. May your soul be safe. 464 days since me and Love became one. My baby brothers birthday. Realized how lucky I am to have a precious friend like you A.

Action! I hate rumors. Need to protect me from them, so I made a shield. I'm so cool. Also, a sweet friend of mine had birthday this month. She is special on her own way, and I kinda like that about her. The days became more and more cold, the grass was frosty in the mornings. No more summer, nor fall. Winter was near.

Interesting month. Got myself an iPhone, discovered mobile blog posting, and started doing that. This resulted a lot of writing, creativity in my brain. Haha. Also, this month my exams started and ended. Haven't read so many books in my life I think, as I did this month. Yeah, reaaal fun. Then, something incredible happened. Love came home. Surprised us all. Did a lot of skyping. Then, I managed to find an online book publishing site and sort of did some publishing. So proud. I became more of a freethinking person. Oh oh, and I painted more than I've ever done before too. Me like painting. My mom was born this month the 28th, over forty years ago.

This is it. The end. The last month of blogging. This month, I was with Love, with my family, with friends, working, merry christmas, watched the best movie in the world, and probably had a happy new years eve too. Bonding with my baby sister has been wonderful. I love her to death. I seriously have no more to say. My brain is slowly processing the fact that there will be no more writing in the future, therefore it is not functioning that good right now. Ah, I really loved this blog though. It has helped me with my inner problems.


  1. Utrolig glad i deg <3 <3 <3

  2. Godt nytt år =) Bamseklem fra Saiqa =) vakre maria (K)