Friday, December 18, 2009

No More You

You start to feel empty. Nothing is inside you anymore. No thoughts, no feelings, no nothing. As if your mind has been blanked out by some unidentified objects from space. Your creativity is gone and nothing you do can ever bring it back. You sit down, try to play something on your guitar, try to write something on your blog, try to paint something, try to do something. Anything. But no, there is nothing there. Almost as if you are slowly fading away. Your identity is being erased. All the sudden you wake up one day, and you're just like everyone else. At least the image you get from watching them. You spend all your time on school and work. You start to fix a routine. The spontaneous mornings were you just planned everything an hour ahead are being switched with a day planner.
There is no more creativity, no more you.


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