Sunday, January 17, 2010

110 Percent

Every morning I wake up precisely 07.00 am, pick up the outfit of the day, take a short visit to the toilet, then off to the bathroom to get ready. If I got time I make myself a small "to-go" breakfast. This is my life. After that comes the all time favorite, yes, I'm talking about school. I am a sophomore at college in Oslo, my field is marketing, this is a bachelor program, and if I manage to get through the first three years alive, I am considering a masters degree in marketing. My goal is to be working a descent job, it does not have to be a well paid job, to me the most important thing is the work I'm gonna do. The feeling of excitement every morning before taking off to work, the importance of the work your doing, the change your creating, the creativity. It is so sad to see other people bore themselves to death each and every day at work, the lack of joy and the fear of stepping outside their everyday routine. Be impulsive, trust your instinct and go for it. Give a 110 percent, dare to show off a little, mark the little in the end, no need to brag about yourself. Try it, you got nothing to lose.


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