Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Dentist

I have a dentist appointment coming up. I do not wanna go. I know I'm not alone on having a fear of the dentist, how do I know? Well just read it online. And it sounds reasonable, because why wouldn't you fear them? They poke around in your mouth, they scrape things and they stab. It's torture. As a child, when attending the dentist appointments every year, we got presents. One, always a toothbrush. Two, a toy of your own selection.
I brush my teeth. But why? Because even if you brush your teeth on a regular basis and follow all the dentists instructions, you still have to go and get your teeth cleaned. Why am I wasting all of this time brushing them myself, if I still have to go and get them cleaned? Aren't they clean enough. I hate a lot of things about going to the dentist, but do you know what I hate most? The light. The bright blending light that they shine at you so that they can see. It feels as if they are doing that on purpose, trying to disorient you by blinding you. And one other thing that makes the experience even worst, is when they start lowering the dental chair right after striking you with the shiny light. Before you even get the time to realize what's happening, the dentist start picking on your teeth with needles and other sharp objects. And then they lean forward and calmly say to you, "Say A".


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