Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forgive Her

She fell asleep. Her day was so long and tiresome that she was not able to wait no more. She kept saying to herself that he was gonna call anytime now, but he never called. As the minutes went on, her eyes slowly closed and with her mind on him she fell asleep. In her sleep she was afraid she'd miss the call, but still, her body was too tired to stay awake.
All the sudden, a vibration shook her entire bed. It was her phone, it was vibrating, she knew this and woke up. She missed the call, so she called back. His voice was strange, kinda angry but very worried.

Why didn't you pick up? Where are you? Is everything OK? Did you get my messages? Why don't you reply my messages? Are you at home? He kept asking all sorts of questions, stopped, and then asked a new series of questions. You fell asleep? Why didn't you tell me you were home? When did you text me? When did you call me? As he asked more questions, his voice changed from being mostly worried to become more angry. He was annoyed, she could tell. He was annoyed she didn't let him know she was home. He was mad because she fell asleep. In her head she was terrified, because she couldn't think of a good enough answer to any of his questions. She told him she was sorry, but his voice did not change, it did not become any softer or kinder. He told her to go back to sleep and hung up.
Something inside her started to ache, her throat hurt when she swallowed, her eyes filled up with water, hands started to shake. She was feeling bad, invincible, alone, heartbroken, sorry, tired. All at once. In five minutes her mood changed from being loved and joyful to broken. She tried to call him back but he wouldn't answer, all her calls were put on busy. Something was wrong. He texted her not to call, but she continued. As all her calls were put on hold or busy time after time, her tears filled up until she couldn't hold them in her eye anymore. Does he know that he is hurting her? How can he be so cold? She was sorry she fell asleep, so why can't he forgive her? Why is he doing this?


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