Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hate Clowns

If I saw a clown on the street, I wouldn't necessary punch it on the face, not right off anyway. Maybe if it did something to me, like staring or breathing. I don't hate clowns, I just don't like them. Any difference? Of course. Something like shoes or no shoes. Clowns on a birthday party are barely tolerable, clowns on a circus are just stupid. I mean, it's not a performance to act like mental patient, ride a tiny bicycle or wear a polka dot hat. Anyone can do that. Why do we even pay for that? Clown make up is stupid. Even the bubbly and happy clown paint is not bubbly and happy, just a mess of paint did unproportional and weird. And the whole sad clown junk, what's that? I mean I thought the whole purpose of being a clown was to be happy and make other people happy. Tell me, how are you gonna make me happy if you're a sad clown? Is that ironic or just plain stupid, because it does not make any sense. Seriously, never once have I found my self burst into laughter of a clowns magic. I find them a step below magicians. Clowns got their own tricks that are not even magical. Stupid. Really, I don't hate clowns and neither do I have some sort of clown phobia, I just don't like clowns.


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