Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Part Of Life

Nobody knows why you're like this. Nobody cares about your silence. Why did you turn your back on everybody? What's gonna happen to you? The days wont go away, just forget about it. Life is not easy to get along with. You can just let the time pass, let it pass and take you with it, it's just a part of life. Forget about yourself, let it go, let the wind blow you away just like everyone else.

Your days are not going as well as you thought, you start to lose faith. Nobody is there to ask you how you're doing. You have a ton of problems, you have no desire to continue, nobody is there to see you, you are tired. Tired of it all. Your head is mixed with strange feelings, just forget about everything, don't ask. Release your inner thoughts. Wake up, don't look back, your life is too short to be standing there. Go along, live it, live life. The sunrise has your name written on it, it is calling your name. You can't walk because your feet get stuck on the ground your standing at. Not knowing what will happen tomorrow, your eyes shut and you can't see no more. You can't solve your problems and you'll be stuck just like that. It's all a part of life.


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