Monday, January 04, 2010

"I Told You"

Just because they broke up, and she is hurting, crying, yelling, not letting go of him, my mom thinks my relationship is headed the same way. That's one thing I dislike about my mom. Generalizing everyone and everything. According to her, everything is the same and everyone is eventually going to hurt us. Ever since me and my sister got in a relationship with our Loves, my mom has been negative about it.
Whenever she gets the chance, she tell us how awful our life is going to be if we fall in love. In every opportunity possible, she'll be making up theories about our relationships and show us exactly how much she hates us for being in love. Several times I have been trying to tell her the truth, the truth about me and my love for Love, but all she does is to ignore every word coming out of my mouth with her yelling. Sometimes I walk away, but other times I need to fight back. Especially since she's talking based on her own experiences. Her life is a mess, and she is afraid our life will turn out the same way. I get that, I get her worries. What I don't get is how cruel she can be. To her own children. Honestly, I don't think she'll ever accept us being involved with people from the other gender. I can't wait for her to accept it, because waiting for her to do that is like waiting for world peace to come around, useless and disappointing. I am in love, I have found a true and honest person, the future is blurry but the present is wonderful. I can't wait for my mom anymore, I need to live my life. And although my sister is no longer in a relationship, and is hurting, all she can think of doing is telling "I told you"'. Is that what she is supposed to do? Now? When my sister is in pain?


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