Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Sitting in a white room with a table surrounded by four red chairs, waiting for her to ask the first question. It took only two seconds before words came out of her mouth after sitting down at the table, but yet it seems as if it took a thousand hours. In my mind everything I practiced and read is going on like crazy. Afraid that I might have a blank out when the time is there, I'm telling myself to calm down. I want to get it overwith but I also want to do this another time, ever felt that way before? Not a feeling you would feel ok about, believe me. I don't like dilemmas in life, they confuse me, and really I don wanna be confused.

It took us twenty five minutes to finish the interview and I think it went well. Hope I get the job, really do. Wish me luck.


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