Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Angel

Once upon a time there was an unborn baby, who was ready to enter the world. The unborn baby asked God:

- God, they told me you was sending me into the world tomorrow, but I am so small and helpless, how am I supposed to survive there?
- Among all my angels I have choosen one for you, who is waiting for you there. Your angel is going to sing songs for you everyday and smile. Your angel is going to protect you. This way you will feel the love and be happy.
- Ok, but what if people there talks to me, how am I supposed to understand them?
- Your angel is going to speak to you in the most sweetest way on earth, and you are going to learn from your angel to communicate.
- I am sad that I am never going to see you again.

All the sudden a silent falls upon paradise, and the sounds of the world is to be heard. The baby knows it is time to go.

- God, please hurry up and tell me, what is the name of my angel?
- The name of the angel has no meaning little baby, because you are going to call her MOM.


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