Sunday, August 29, 2010

Believe In God

- Listen, I do not believe in God the way you believe and talk about.
- Why?
- Very simple to explain. Just take a look around you. If there is a God, then why is it so much suffering in this world? If there is a God, tell me why people die from sickness every second? If there is a God, how come children are abandoned in the streets? If there is a God, why do people go through stress and bad times in their lives? If there was a God, no one would ever get hurt or hurt others. If there was a God, God would not let any of this happen. 

The man did not want to argue, so he did not respond and let the barber do his job. He was finished, and just when the man was about to go out, he noticed a man across the street. This man had not been shaved nor gotten a hair cut in a while. So he returned to the barber shop.

- You know what? I do not believe there is something called a barber in this world. 
- How so? I am here, and I am a barber. 
- No, there isn't. Because if there was, no one would walk in the streets looking like Tarzan from the jungle.
- Well, barbers do exist, but if they do not want to go to one, what can I do about it. I am here doing my job. 
- Correct. That is my point. God do exist, but if people choose not to believe in God, than thats their choice. So, the struggle and suffering will continue. 

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