Monday, August 23, 2010

Fix Ourselves

Sunday morning, the father was tired after a hard week of work and was finally going to read the newspaper and rest. As he sat down to read, his little son came running from his room.
- Daddy, daddy! When are we going to the movies?
He had forgotten the promise he made to his son. He was too tired and didn't feel like going out, desperate to find an excuse so that they could stay home. At the table, lay a world map that came with the newspaper. First, he tore it up into tiny pieces.
- Son, if you manage to put the pieces back together and fix the world, I'll take you to the movies tonight.
The little child was so excited that he got to play, so he took the pile and ran back to his room to solve the task. Relieved, the father sat down and took a sip of his morning coffee. Not even a geography professor could fix it, he thought to himself.

Ten minutes later, the son rushed into the kitchen.
- Daddy, daddy! I did it! I fixed the world. Lets go to the movies.
The father couldn't believe his eyes, shocked he asked for how he did it. The child looked up and said that there was a human picture at the back of the map. So, when he fixed the human at the back, the world was back to normal.

If we fix ourselves, then the world will fix itself.

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  1. This post is probably one of the best posts i have read in a long time. Really straight to the point with a perfect story to prove the point.

    Me like