Monday, August 09, 2010

Stabbed In The Heart

She did it again, only this time it can not be forgotten. We are not kids anymore and this is not a game, it is my life, but she has problems understanding that. To her, it all seems like a part of a game, just another level she passed. To her, it is almost like she had a rush ruining me, pulling me down, hurting me.
She told me she knew the truth, but the truth is not in my computer. Her poisoness words made my mom confused, and now I have lost her trust too. Sometimes people do everything in their power to ruin others. They forget that this is life and that everything they do, will affect them. Instead of confronting in a calm and controlled way, they loose control and attact you. Not knowing everything from scratch, just talking based on some information they have dugged up themselves, makes everything even harder to explain. Imagine your own flesh and blood doing this to you. Nothing is worse than being stabbed in the heart from your own sister.
She has lost me.


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