Monday, September 13, 2010


Time is getting harder to deal with. Now more than ever, do I want him by my side. This distance is killing me. Why can't the government do this faster? Why do they need to put so much thoughts behind it all. We are two young people, who are in love, who want to have a future together. Ever since our relationship started it has been based on distance, now we want that to end. We want to be together, at the same place, without thinking about the return date.

It is so difficult to stay calm. It is difficult, because neither of us are enjoying this anymore. We miss each other. I miss him. Just want him to be able to put his fingers through my hair in the morning, give me a good morning wake up kiss on my forehead and help me out of bed. Getting up in the mornings is getting harder to do, when I think of another day without him. Oh, why can't this stop already? 


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