Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Never be sad over things you cannot change. Never say that you'll never love again, you'll just end up embarrassing yourself. Don't look for love, when you look it will hide behind doors. Love will find you, everything has a time, just like the time for winter or summer. If you lose love, you need to be brave. Your heart must be filled with strength and patience.

Either you win or lose, it will be a life lesson anyway. Love teaches you plenty of stuff both when loving and losing. When you lose love that is when you find out how much you wanted love. When having love, you have though it will always be around, so you loutishly used it up. So, when that day comes and you lose it, you'll learn how mistaken you were by thinking it would always be with you. For the next time you become more wary.

Each and every loss is a lesson, your fist loss taught you that. Remember, no love can be alone, it cannot separate from the others.


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