Sunday, October 10, 2010


The first of is friendship. Friendship divided in two groups, lasting friendships and casual friendships. When life become difficult, the lasting friendships are gone and the broken friendships rule. 
Second of is that the majority of people have their hearts and brains of the separate temporary values. These values only make things worse, because they have nothing to be ashamed of. 
Third of is tyrannizing. People don't refrain to act like evil devils over each other to achieve their own personal goals. However, when being evil, they don't understand that everything will go as it comes. 
Fourth reality is that people harm each other because of things they couldn't see the importance of one and other. In this way, they keep poisoning each others lives. 
Fifth is that everyone is looking for fault in others. No one accepts the mistake of their own guilt, no one tries to fix themselves. 
Sixth is that people can't find the strength to live without depending on something. So they often rely on meaningless things. They forget to embrace and rely on perhaps the only emotion that does exist, this emotion being Love.


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