Friday, November 05, 2010


Sometimes I look at myself and think how awful it is that I complain about little things in life. Others have it so much more complicated then me, but yet they find a way out of it.

Ok, my life might be difficult to handle right now.
Ok, my relationship might not go as it went a couple of months ago.
Ok, my family might be a little off.
Ok, my work might overload a few times.
Ok, my friends might be less then it was.

Like I said. Everyone has their own issues. The importance don't lie in how you can analyze the problem, it lies in how you can solve it. Too many people, including myself, spend time thinking about silly things, when you can actually do some good. I've been through a hell lately. Felt alone, lost, confused. Mostly alone, because of the lack of friends or even the person you love.

I did not sign up for this when I came to this earth. I don't need to deal with it. If it is meant to be, then let it be, if not move on.


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