Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They Take it All

The things we do for our loved ones. We go all out for them. Do anything for them. We go through every pain possible in this world, just so that they can have a little smile on their face. No limits. Even if it means to jump out of a plane for them, we will do it. Hurt ourselves in order to see them happy.

The funny part comes when we realize that they never give back. No nothing. You give them your everything, but all they do is to place it somewhere and forget it. Sad, but true. Nothing ever goes as you expect it. So you learn not to expect anything at all. Because you learn that expectations only result in disappointments. You go through life as a pessimist and do not believe in the happy endings like in the fairytales you used to listen to as a kid.
They take it all.


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