Friday, December 03, 2010


There is someone out there. A place far away. No one will ever figure it out, but out there someone matches you perfect. Every single piece is your match. A funny fact is that you will never find out who it is, that person on the other side, who is your soul mate. 
Some people believe they found that one person, but in the end, every night you sit there all alone. Looking up to the stars and talk to them. As if someone is out there to hear you. As if a higher power will lead your words and warm someone out there. Sad story. Never will you find this person. You'll just spend a whole life talking to the moon and stars. They will always listen and you will always come back for more. Hoping that maybe one day something magic will happen. People will think you have gone mad. Then again, they too search for the same thing. 

Maybe it is this search that keeps us alive? The search for nothingness. 

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  1. This is beautiful! It made me cry and made me smile.

    You write beautifully. Don't stop.