Thursday, February 03, 2011

Je t'aime

To travel and celebrate Valentines Day in Paris would probably be the most romantic way to celebrate it on. Pretty sure that is every girls dream out there. Dress up in her prettiest clothing, have a view to the Eiffel Tower, being able to look into his deep dark eyes, smell the red roses, kiss under the rain. 
That city is magic in it's own way. One of my life time goals for sure!
Back to the image. I discovered a site where you are able to play along with different styles and create your own little collage. So I did. Might not be very attractive to everyone. Concentrated on the nude colors with a hint of black and red, just to go with the whole Valentine theme. Thinking of posting a collage once a week, just for fun. 

This is almost like your little art piece. Start out blank, end up with something. Do you like it?


  1. I like it :) What is the name of the site you created this from ?

    Ps. paris is wonderful :)

  2. how come you never answer your readers questions?

  3. I was in Paris 2 weeks ago. It was amazing.. That was the one of my favorite vacation I've spent for whole of my life..