Sunday, March 13, 2011

Favorite Book

Canon 500D + 55-250mm

Favorite book so far is "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. Reading was never my thing as a child, I remember my sister reading more than me, and my mother buying her books. Use to look at her and thinking how she could read all that without falling asleep. 
Then one day, my father bought me this book collection with a total of ten books filled with stories. I read them one by one, slowly. Think that was my big breakthrough with books. Ever since that day, I never fell asleep reading. I tend to live the story in the book. Sometimes I never want to finish a book, because I do not want the story to end so soon, so I stop reading a chapter or two before the end. Bad habit. 

Do you enjoy reading? A rhetorical question, since you probably read this in order to answer. I mean, you read it, maybe didn't enjoy it, but read it. I mean.. oh, I don't know what I mean. Forget about it, bye. 


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