Friday, April 01, 2011

A Letter Every Day

Canon 500D + 50mm f/1.8

Almost a year ago, I wrote a book. It was a collection of my letters to my fiancé while he was in the army, doing his duty to his country. Sometimes I shipped him a letter, but otherwise I wrote him a letter every day for fifteen months and saved them. Finally I got myself a copy of my book. The first copy was given to him as a present when he arrived home safe and sound. He was really happy.  

Sometimes you should just do something nice to someone. I did it for my love.


  1. how cute!

    xoxo from rome

  2. That´s so romantic. You really must love him!
    Your blog is so cute!

    - Dani

  3. That is so romantic and cute, sounds like something out of a movie.
    The things we do for our loved ones <3
    I followed as well :)

  4. Very romantic indeed! You sure love to write don't you? I'm sure he must have been so happy to get your letters. I found you at my friend simply heather. Following you from Trapani, Sicily. There is a flight from Oslo to Palermo now by the way:)

  5. That is so romantic! If I would ever get that, would be my favorite present in the world



  6. You're so sweet! He must've loved it so much! Beautiful photographs you have here, BTW. You wana follow each other? Let me know, and I'll gladly follow back!

    <3 Paulyn from

  7. That is adorable! I wrote letters to my boyfriend as well when he was training in the infantry, and I saved them too.

  8. That's so sweet! Now you'll have a wonderful collection to look back on during your married life. Btw, I love all the photos on here - so light and carefree!

    *Found you through The Whim Wham Life. I'd love it if you checked out my blog too - http://bigmariolife.blogspot.com

  9. wowowow, cool,
    what programme do you use?