Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sand In My Shoes

Canon 500D + 50mm f/1.8

- Why is patience so important?
- Because it makes us pay attention. 

Spring finally came to our land. The snow melted and we suddenly got a bunch of small rocks on the roads. Because our winter was so slippery, they use rocks to stop us from falling on our behinds. The dilemma is that now we slip on them when trying to walk on the asphalt. Craziness. Another issue is that those little rocks also fly into our shoes when walking and I end up coming home with sand in my shoes. 

But it's ok.


  1. I envy you :) Our winter just doesn't want to leave... This is sad..
    Besides, The lawn has been sweeped with rocks - I have no idea how the grass will grow now..

  2. love model of this phones :) .

  3. You are always creative with your pictures!:)


  4. Patience is definitely something I need to work on haha. I really love how clean and bright your blog is :) Lovely photos too!

  5. So true about why patience is important, "Because it makes us pay attention". Great Insight! Loving ur blog! =)

  6. what a cute photo! i'm still waiting for spring to send me a text.. ;)


  7. I love how this little heart keeps popping up in posts! I hope the sunshine makes the rocks in your socks not so bad! xox!

  8. LOVE this post, made me smile for it is truly spring already, lovely and warm! xxx