Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scare The Kids

Shoes: Zara (similar) / Dress: Zara (similar) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I'm getting more and more used to being photographed. Had a hard time doing todays outfit photos though, because the kids in my neighborhood is so hyper and wants to be in the frame. He and I had a laugh attack when trying to scare the kids away so that we could capture at least some frames. One girl even came and stood by his side and told me I had cute shoes and gave me posing ideas. Seriously, she is only five years old or something, how do you know all these things? Kids surprise me every day. 
Oh, and notice how I don't wear a jacket. Spring is coming. Just a week ago it was snow on the ground and look at it now. Love it. 

What is the most interesting thing a child has ever said to you?


  1. this is sweet outfit :)
    oh, kids are great, I love the kids and all those honest stuff they say ...
    once when I was 100% sure i had brown hair, a kid drew me BLOND hahaha that was funny


  2. This dress is really cute! You look adorable! Little kids are so funny.

  3. Awesome style ! I followed ya.

    Little children are adorable, pure, innocent and say the most honest things... one kid guessed my BMI exactly 0_0


  4. cute pics. and hmmm, i've got loads of weird things kids have said to me. my personal favorite.
    "hey lady, is that your dog?"
    "yes, yes it it."
    "it looks like you! hahahah!" - as he ran off.
    he was like 5, and i have a chihuahua, so i have no idea what he was getting at.

  5. awe, sounds like a fun shoot to say the least! love that she was trying to give you pointers, that's so cute. you are adorable, love the white tights with stripes lades!

    something one of my sisters students said to me is "what's the cock say?" omg, i almost died! she meant the clock!!!!! boy, did my blush meter ever sky rocket when that happened. happy sunday! ♥

  6. Haha, true storym dear! Modern kids know more stuff than I knew when I was 15! :))
    You relly do look cute and I like your shoes too! :)


  7. I work at a doctor's office and one time the child of one of our patients asked me where I lived. I told him, "Covington." He said, "Oh, do they speak English there?" LOL I was rolling, what an inquisitive little mind! :) Love the outfit! :)

  8. hey you've got a cool blog :)
    Amazing photos !
    I follow you; do you follow me ?

  9. that dress is stunning with the white tights!

  10. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! It's so funny, I read your "about" section and I'm 5'4" and quiet except with my close friends too. :)

  11. thank you SO much for your comment on my blog

    hmmm, i'm not really a big fan of children so i try to stay as far away as possible :D

    PS: I love your eyes, sucha pretty and vibrant color!!

  12. I love seeing the reactions different people have when I'm being photographed. Some are curious, some laugh, and I know many more think I'm plain crazy! Usually my cat wants in on the action, though.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  13. Cute outfit and blog!
    I love talking to little kids they are so cute!
    Thanks for your comment.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  14. i love that dress and your shoes are so cute!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  15. Ohhhh, just discovered your blog and I love it! This outfit is beautiful...the shoes work so well with the dress, even though I probably wouldn't have seen that on my own. I love a blog that gives me new, creative ideas for how to put things together!!


  16. YAY for no jacket and gorgeous photos as always :D

  17. Hi!!! Lovely!! Thanks for your visit in my blog! Im following you now, ok?! I hope you come visit me more.


  18. such a great dress! And you can't tell at all that there are kids around running-a-muck.

    I am an elementary teacher so I get lots of funny things, last year I had a student who every time I said something she didn't like, she'd say, "Awww dat's just cooolldd". I also like when students tell me I'm "kinda pretty".

  19. this is adorable. also, your hair is so shiny and pretty :) hehe i love kids



  20. Lovely dress!


  21. Thank you for your comment, I´m following ;)

  22. Love your dress! It is really funny to pose for outfits isn't it? I'm still trying to get used to it! :D
    Happy Monday! :D


  23. Love those shooooooes, and envy your hair. I just chopped mine shoulder length because I couldn't take care of it anymore! What's your secret?

  24. Love everything you are wearing here and you look fab ;)

    Thanks for your lovely comment. xoxo


  25. You're so cute. I went and read some of your posts from a few months ago, I like them! =)

  26. you look amazing :D love the pictures!

  27. AH, you are so cute and happy. I love seeing happy smiling bloggers :) I work at a place that sells a lot of Hello Kitty stuff. I'm constantly being told by kids that I don't look grown up, which I guess I agree with. tehe.

    Your dress is so darling.

  28. Perfect match dress with shoes.
    Nice blog

  29. you look amazing:) you're really pretty! i love the shape of your face!
    great outfit to! I like the way you styled this look:)

  30. You look so pretty in that dress. I don't remember any interesting thing a kid said to me but they are all amazing.


  31. hahaha! kids are so funny! one time my dad and i were watching kids in sunday school and he asked this little girl how old she was. She answered "Four." And he asked "How old do you think I am?" and she thought about it for a long time before she answered "4 1/2?" Hahahaha! He was like 45 years old.

  32. Thank you for leaving comments on my blog! <3 Im doing a favorite bloggers like once or twice a week! WOuld totally love to feature you! =)

  33. hahah kids are the best! and lovely outfit, lady :) I've had kids say lots of intreresting things, it'd be a shame to only say one!

    Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥

  34. you look adorable! your outfit is super cute and the photos are lovely :)

    haha smart little girl! when i was in high school i volunteered at an after school program for children and one of the boys told me i was too young to be his teacher.. he was about 5 years old.. how did he know that? haha

  35. Love the dress!! :)


  36. You are the cutest. New follower to your blog :-)


  37. Hi!!! thanks for rhe comment....you have a great blog here!!!!xoxo