Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

Canon 500D + 50mm f/1.8

I wish that I can continue to reach for healthy snacks when doing the grocery shopping. Lots of baby carrots, apple juice and whole grain cookies. 

I wish my training period at work goes well and that my bosses like me for being a hard working bee. 

I wish that Fiancé can come soon. Missing.

I wish for plenty of sunshine for several more weeks in Norway. 

Last but not least, I wish that all of my former followers who are still hanging over at the other platform, can find their way here soon. They're missing out, and I feel bad. Come come!

What are your Wednesday wishes?


  1. hi,
    U look adorable, from few days have been reading your blog and it refreshes me :)
    Could you help my query ?? How did u link your twitter account to your page tab directly ?? and the wardrobe ?? have been trying for the answer all over but couldn't get it. Can u help me ??

  2. treating oneself to healthy meals is the ultimate "I love me". I started eating healthy again on Monday and as a result feel like a different woman haha

  3. I wish my husband will agree to go swimming today in our Mexi-co-co heat. I wish I can catch up with work for one second and not feel like it's eating me alive. I wish we can get full house air conditioning this weekend!

  4. How stunning are you!? My goodness. And this is odd, but I love the rich color of the drink in the first photograph. Just a bitty detail that made the photo for me! xo

  5. Beautiful complexion and eyes. You have a very unique look. :) You need to do a summery outfit post featuring your favorite shorts soon, haha! I'm looking forward to seeing my favorite bloggers post about summer! :)

  6. wishing all your wishes come true!

    loving your blog... can't wait to read more!

  7. I wish you the best!
    Cute post..
    inspiration for mine. (:

  8. You are so pretty..as always!! :)

  9. such pretty pictures and pretty words. My wednsday wish is that you will stop by and enter my giveaway :P hehe so cheaky. It's open to all:


  10. Thank you :) yes it helped a Lot<3