Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

First, let me just tell you this, I got horns. Seriously ever since I was I child, my short baby hair would never hold still behind my ears. They would always pop up like in the picture above. Think the reason might be my ears who kinda looks like elf ears, not pointy but they are laying more vertical. 

Anyhow, forget about the ears. Let me give you some fun facts this friday. This time, it's about yours truly. This one is called my ABC's. 

A. Age. Twenty three years old. 
B. Bed size. Three quarters. Although my side is always the left side of the bed. 
C. Chores I hate. Taking on and off sheets and curtains.
D. Day, Tuesday. The day I was born. Also because it sounds cute, random. 
E. Essential start to my day. Shower and my cereal! I'm not a coffee person. 
F. Favorite color. Green, any shade of green will do. 
G. Gold or silver. Silver please or white gold. 
H. Height. I'm 164 cm or 5'4 tall. 
I. Instrument. Guitar, piano and clarinet. 
J. Job title. Marketing consultant. 
K. Kids. Some day in the future yes. 
L. Live. Oslo, Norway.
M. Mum's name. Meral.
N. Nick names. Pirol or Meril, also called Pirillo before. 
O. Overnight hospital stays. Just one, rather not talk about it. 
P. Pet peeve. People playing with coins making loud noises. Talking with your mouth full. When people push buttons faster because they think it will make things happen faster. 
Q. Quote. "Everything happens for a reason."
R. Right or left handed. Right. 
S. Siblings. Two, but I'm the oldest. 
T. Time I wake up. Around 06.30 am on week days, 10am or later on weekends. 
U. Underwear. Of course!
V. Vegetables I dislike. Cabbage! Everything that has to do with it. 
W. Weather. I like warm weather, but then again the idea of winter time is nice.
X. X-rays I've had. Broken my leg twice and arm once. Plus one other I don't want to talk about. 
Y. Yummy food. I love everything greasy, like burgers and pizza, but only the ones I make myself. Homemade FTW. 
Z. Zoo. I love the zoo. But I feel sorry for all the animals locked up, so I start discussing with the guardians to letting me have them. All of them. Hah! They always say no. 

This was educational right? What are your ABC's?


  1. Cute photos, really sweet. Love your hair.
    I find your blog really interesting. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.


  2. Your updo is amazing!


  3. petty pictures! where'd you get your tea?

  4. Nice lipstick you devil ;-)


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  6. Ah I love your pictures! They are incredible! And I have baby hairs too hehe except they are like where bangs go...but they are baby hehe. And those ABC's sound fun...maybe I'll have to do some sometime :) Have a great day!

    Ashley Sloan, Hat giveaway :)

  7. I have horns too! haha Crazy things! I love meeting new blogger friends! :) I love how your pictures tell a story in themselves!

  8. It seems like your so lovely person! always post wonderful blogs! I love to read your blog and look at those adorable pics you take :))
    where do you get your inspiration from?



  9. oh, awesome! you're from Norway! my friend's from there and she keep talking about it like paradise on earth ; ) thanks for coming by and leaving your sweet comment♥ it made my morning!
    have a good one!

  10. Oh my goodness! You are the first person I've ever discovered whose hair does the same as mine...pokes out above my ears! Gorgeous pics btw!

  11. so funny with the horns. I get them too and sometimes it isnt so funny when you try to look pretty flawless. I like the ABC list ;-)