Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer of 2008

The 1st photos of us together. 2008. 

Everyone is curious about the actual story behind our relationship. How could two so different people, from different sides of the world find each other? I'm going to explain everything to the very last bit. Might get long, just saying. 

It all started way before I ever knew him. We had one mutual friend together. I used to publish videos of me playing the guitar and singing cover songs on the internet way back in the time. One day, Fiancé had found me when he was browsing through his friend's contact list. Apparently he had been watching my videos for almost six months before he dared to get in touch with me. Creepy right? I had no idea. 
The summer of 2008 changed my life forever, our lives. One very special night, when this lovely guy came up to me and introduced himself. We sat down and talked until the sun came up. That was when he told me that he had been stalking me and that he found me cute and all that jazz. 

The two of us are indeed very different. He is outgoing and I'm the shy girl. He is hyperactive and I'm the calmest person in the planet, even I think it's irritating sometimes. He lives in Istanbul and I live in Oslo. The culture and the background is different. Our lives are different. He has experienced everything a teenage guy can, while I'm just starting to expand my limits. We are black and white, plus and minus. 

But somehow this beautiful person won my heart over. He became my first boyfriend, my first Love, my Fiancé and soon to become the husband. It sounds bizarre. All of my "first's" became true with this lucky guy and I feel blessed to know him and have him in my life. Every relationship has it's ups and downs, this is just normal. The most important thing is to get through the down times and just be happy together. Value and cherish each other. Most importantly RESPECT the relationship and each other. Our relationship has been a long distance relationship ever since day one. Waiting for the day when he get's his permits and can come to me so that we can truly start our journey together. 

This was long. I fully understand if you only looked at the photographs and smiled. 
I miss him. 


  1. You two are so sweet together...my bf and I are totally opposite...but somehow it all works out perfectly :)

  2. Seriously sweet! I cannot wait for him to get his permits either!!! Go permits go! And so when are you planning on a vlog with your guitar solos madam? Love love, It is Life's greatest gift! xox!

  3. That is such a lovely story! You make a wonderful and adorable couple! Congratulations!

  4. You have an adorable love story. :) It's nice to see happy couples!

  5. I love the way you told the story and I hope you two can be reunited soon. being in a long distance relationship is not easy at all but the anticipation and thrill you feel when you're finally together is worth every minute you're apart.

  6. Aww I love reading things like this! You guys are an inspiration <3


  7. This story is so lovely! I was reading and smiling and saying "owww". It's almost like a fairytale :))) but you know what? I think it's better than that!
    Good luck you two. xoxo
    nice pics by the way. : )


  8. Wow your story is lovely! So cute :) xo

  9. aww this is such a lovely story! thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Piril,
    I think I told you once before that I am American, and my husband Mexican. I now live in Mexico so we can be together. We battled immigration, for 2 years, we lived a part as husband and wife for a year and a half. I know what it feels like to be separated by borders, and I too stayed with my parents during that time. And I also know not many people have the strength and rock hard love that we have! We're fighters, and I can see that you and Fiancé are fighters too. And in the end, it worked out for me and Rodrigo. Not at all how I expected, and I gave up my country, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    DoublClik Photo Blog

  11. Read every word, and love it! What a great little story--especially the stalking part! Hahah! So cute.

  12. such a cute couple!!!!! Love your blog! Thanks for your nice comment on mine
    bisous m.

  13. That is so cute how you met and made it work eventhough you are different. Congrats to you and your fiance :)


  14. omg this is soooo cute! and makes me fell so good, I also have a distance relationship, my boyfriend is from Spain, and I live in Brasil, and read your story makes me fell happy for you, and with a lot of hope for me and my bf. Beautiful words! :) you two are beautiful together.

  15. Sweet. Ness. I love love stories!

  16. Very cute! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I love all of your outfit photos - very pretty :)


  17. You 2 are so cute together :)

    Love, Vanilla


  18. Ok Piril,
    I really hope its okay that I took your Facebook request seriously, hahah

    We'll be international Penpals, Mexico to Norway

  19. That so beautiful...I wish you both all the best xoxx


  20. oh, what a sweet story. i pray that you both have a blessed life together. when do you get to see each other next? hopefully it's soon :)

    a simple, peaceful life

  21. What a cute story! It couldn't have happened without modern technology, so it's a modern day fairytale!

  22. Wow your story is so touching, I'm almost crying! You both deserve beeing happy forever ;)