Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

First wish is some colorful summer items from H&M. They got so many different and great stuff to choose from, suitable to any occasion. A must when it comes to shopping. One of my favorite stores.

Second wish is to buy a full size of my two favorite summer perfumes of all time. Dolce & Gabbana, The One and Kenzo, 5:49 pm in Madagascar. Memo to myself, not much left, hurry!

Third wish is to experience more summer rain, to go out and look up in the sky and get soaked, without thinking about any make up or hair or clothing. And to do this with Fiancé would be my biggest wish.

Fourth wish is to have more of those fun photo booth moments with people I love. 

Fifth wish is to eat more almonds as I have promised myself to do. A much better snack than chips or candy. Nuts are healthier, no matter what kind you eat. Eat more!

Sixth wish is more greenness. To be more green in the future. Just look how beautiful the world is. 

And last but not least, to be more frequent with my posts. Get inspirational and start typing on the computer and keep on taking a bunch of memorable photos. Wish to be a happy camper!

Make them all come true. Idea.
What are your wishes this Wednesday? 


  1. lovely wishes...My wish is to get through my online course...never taking them again...just one more week though. Following you here now :)


  2. awesome wishes :) h & m does always have great stuff to choose from!

  3. Dolce&Gabbana: THE ONE have the best commercials. For the men's cologne as well. Bra-vo D&G. You know how to sellll, and with this referral I think I'm sold!

    DoublClik Photo Blog

  4. My one and only wish for now is to finish my summer classes.

    oh, and to get a few Jodi Picoult novels and get lost with the characters

  5. Lovely wishes, I need to get new perfume.. but am too cheap. And greenness surrounds me constantly.. except for the moss growing in my yard.

  6. I totally agree with the green wish and the frequent posts. I always end up falling out of sync with blogging. And you're welcome, you deserve the award! xxx

  7. all great wishes..

    and mmmmm almonds..

  8. Oh I wish:
    *I could find more time just for myself and for my friends
    *white nights here, in St Petersburg, last forever
    *there were 48 hours a day (!!!)
    Could you plz help with this stuff? :))

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  10. Hi!! Your blog is just amazing! I am now following!!! Follow me?

  11. the pictures are all amazing! can't wait to seee the *more* posts!

  12. Summer Rain + Green
    I agree with these wishes.
    I also want to swim in a river or lake with my husband!


  13. Hi darling!
    following you in ur new blog!

  14. I love Rose the one =)
    Nice blog!
    I'm now following you.